José Mourinho: Mou’s mojo is gone for good?

Memes Time, da bola que rola e faz rir - Manchester United Couch José Mourinho, from Special One to Special Gone on Premiere League – Special Gone with the wind

José Mourinho’s life as coach of Manchester United doesn’t look as promising as one would predict in the beginning. Apparently even the tinny Pokémon is conspiring against his success on Man United…

How many defeats in a row are enough to prove to Man United´s Fans that José Mourinho is not a Red Devil at heart, but just a Red Demon?

Eva Carneiro’s Curse

Is it pure coincidence, or after the incident with Eva Carneiro on Chelsea, José Mourinho not only lost his job, but also lost his ability to perform his job?

Premier League was made great by Sirs and Gentlemen, it’s true that they also make mistakes, but they are men enough to apologize…

Do you believe that José Mourinho will spend Christmas in Manchester?

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